Carolina Porto

Carolina PortoCarolina is a professional and personal development coach, trained at IDC in Geneva.

She brings value to customers thanks to her capacity to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

By developing their awareness and improving their skills, Carolina helps executives to increase team performance and overall impact in the organization. She has been recognised for her ability to analyze and find a positive outcome to difficult relationship and conflictual situations. With a natural capacity to listen , she is quick to anticipate customers’ needs and facilitate them with self-understanding. Carolina’s emotional intelligence provides her with strong ‘people’ skills all of which establish rapport with clients, greatly facilitating the coaching process.

With work experience in six countries on three continents, Carolina has a good understanding of cultural diversity and integration expatriate. She can work in three languages: Portuguese, English and French. Prior to her coaching career, she worked in the hotel industry for more than 15 years, focusing on procurement, training and new hotel development all over the world.