Deborah Croft ACC, CPCC, Founder

Debbie Croft

Deborah is a Leadership Coach and Trainer, living near Geneva, Switzerland. She is passionate about motivating individuals and teams to maximise their strengths, overcome limiting beliefs, through greater self-awareness and training; in pursuit of positive, effective change. She encourages and challenges her clients to stretch themselves beyond their self-imposed boundaries, to make their vision a reality, in harmony with their values.

Deborah designs and implements bespoke programs, mixing coaching and interactive workshops; to improve communications and inter-personal relationships within a team; resolving team issues, to create greater unity and cohesion.In addition, she provides training and mentoring to expedite management efficiencies and excellence at work. Deborah works with individuals to ensure they are playing to theirstrengths, bringing the best out in others; whilst overcoming (often unconscious) behaviors and actions that negatively impact performance and presence.

Deborah strongly believes that to be an effective leader, one needs to have a healthy balance of “work hard, play hard”; so that one is energised, truly present and focused in every moment, in and out of work. This larger perspective is always held by Deborah, training individuals to build their resilience, to better manage stress and achieve balance.

Prior to her coaching career, Deborah spent 10 years as an accredited Project Manager & Facilitator in IBM, on multi-national organisational change projects, across Europe. Deborah worked with leadership teams from several clients, across a range of industries; to help them adapt at times of great change and restructuring.

Deborah is skilled at building trust, through a warm and open coaching style. Having lived and worked abroad most of her life, enables her to work with a large population of clients, across a broad spectrum of needs. Weather permitting, Deborah coaches many of her clients outside, away from the office environment.

Deborah is actively involved in the coaching community. She is the founder and Coordinator of the Coaches Training Institute Alumni in Suisse Romande, connecting 72 coaches in the region, through regular networking & skills training events; and co-founder of Geneva Coach Alliance.


  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CTI CPCC, ACC
  • IBM Accredited Project Manager & IBM Trained Facilitator
  • Whole-Self-Journey Practitioner, licensed to use 7-Aspects Eco-conscious Leadership Report
  • Practitioner MBTI, Hogan
  • BA (Hons) in European Business and French


Nestle, PMI, Honeywell, SC Johnson, IDCN, Logitech, International Institute for Management Development,World Health Organisation, The Global Fund, International Labour Office, Little Bird Pilates and 500+ plus hours with private clients.