Melina Hiralal, Certified Organisational Counsellor, Mediator & Cross-cultural Trainer

Melina Hiralal

Certified Organisational Counsellor, Mediator & Cross-cultural Trainer

Melina Hiralal, a certified organisational counsellor, mediator and cross-cultural trainer has extensive experience in working in a host of Swiss national and Multinational companies. At employee and management levels, she has devised and facilitated training programmes focussed on intercultural integration, repatriation preparation, mediation and conflict resolution.

Her background in counselling enables her to reach beyond the surface, when appropriate, and identify underlying issues in order to use them as a springboard to finding solutions and increase success and personal satisfaction in the workplace.

Melina is conscientious, efficient and dynamic, using her skills to put people and ease and inspire confidence. Her flexibility and mixed bag of tricks enable her to adapt quickly to the situation at hand and provide her clients with the support and knowledge required to initiate change and achieve their goals.

Melina speaks English, Swiss-German/German and French fluently with a working knowledge of Italian.  Melina was a regular contributor to World Radio Switzerland and now contributes to, writing about timely intercultural topics and she is often invited to speak on panels about culture and integration.