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  • Flexible working from the Perspective of a Line Manager/Team Leader

    Inclusiveness and gender parity is fortunately a key focus for astute organisations. One strategy deployed considers how to better support professionals during the challenging transition to parenthood; so that they feel it is possible to continue with professional aspirations and successfully juggle family life. This is not specific to female talent. As the next generations […]

  • Navigating Career & Family – “having it all”?

    Is this known as “having it all”? Can you even have a career and family without the burden of guilt, overwhelm and fatigue? There isn’t a text book standard response to this. Why? Because everyone’s definition of “having it all” is unique and it’s based on your own exclusive value system and aspirations. Step 1: […]

  • Re-entering your Professional world post Maternity

    This is such a personal journey that there is no script to follow. There is no right or wrong way of balancing parenthood and professional life. Each person has their unique way of balancing the two, based on their own value system, needs, motivations and aspirations. The only criteria here is that you find your […]

  • Tips for Professional Women During Maternity Leave

    First of all, congratulations! For each parent, this is such a personal journey that there is no script to follow. Instead here are some tips to help you be mindful of and embrace the changes. As the Professional woman: You hopefully agreed boundaries before your maternity break and they are being adhered to. It may […]

  • Being a ‘hands-on Father’ and a successful Professional!

    This is the first in a series of blogs, which looks at the juggling act between working professionally and becoming a parent. Accompanying the transition to parenthood requires a change in assumptions, beliefs, behaviour and motivations on the part of the parents concerned. For a woman, it is probably one of the most challenging and exciting transitions; […]

  • Professional Networking – part two

    “Maximising Christmas Events and Parties!” In part 1, we explored ‘what is networking and why even bother with networking?’. Hopefully, you took away the fact that creating conversations can lead to doors opening, directly or indirectly; in a professional search. With the Christmas party season upon us and a peak of events, this is a […]

  • Professional Networking – part one

    Networking is also a very effective way of overcoming the challenges when transferring into new roles/career, or if you have had a career break; where you may have the skills and capability but not the ‘x number of years of specific experience’ in that field. On a CV/application, that can be harder to communicate. When […]

  • Where am I holding back?

    At the beginning of summer, I told myself I was going to do the Sprint Triathlon at Nyon, yet it was the 3rd week in July and I still hadn’t signed up. I was training but rather half-heartedly. So, what pushed me to sign up and properly commit 2.5 weeks prior to the event? It […]

  • New Year’s Resolutions

    I wonder How Many of You have been in, or overheard conversations about New Year’s Resolutions, Where Some speak with great fervor and passion, whilst others say ‘I do not believe in making resolutions. It made Consider me how a single day can break due to Many People and Reflect, pull over to the slow […]