Career Transition Services

Individual Services

Croft Coaching offers a structured, proven approach to work with individuals who often feel overwhelmed and ‘stuck’ at a career crossroads, often with no idea of which path to take.

Clients clarify what a meaningful career looks like, in balance with their whole life, overcome limiting beliefs & brainstorm what is possible; ensuring that future decisions are aligned with core personal & professional values. Action plans are then created and implemented, with the support and accountability that the coaching relationship provides.

Customised packages are developed post an initial 30 minute consultation by phone/skype, to best meet a client’s need whether it is post redundancy/relocation/parenthood &/or having reached a point where you know you need to make a career change now “before it is too late” (to quote many clients!).

To get started, contact us to organise a call so that you can explain your requirements and we can recommend a programme for you, to best meet your needs.

“My purpose for following a coaching program was to help get a clearer idea on what I want, where I am at and define steps and create a strategy for getting me to where I wanted. Having Debbie as my coach has definitely helped me with that. Coaching was like taking a fresh breath, spending time with someone that acts from behind but helps you clear your thoughts and your worries on your own. Coaching helps in giving you the strength to create your own path. It was a great experience that I highly recommend to anyone and I am planning to re-take whenever I will need it.”


“Debbie helped me to launch my own business this year …Debbie’s a great coach: positive without being fake, optimistic but not naive, and encouraging without being pushy. I find that, through my regular sessions, I’m able to re-gain focus and clarity, and come out feeling that I’ve got loads to look forward to doing and discovering. And I feel secure and supported knowing that she will always lend her constant support, bring enthusiasm in buckets, as well as give solid, practical, un-failing guidance. “

Corporate Services

Croft Coaching supports organisations whose employees are impacted by changes; whether that is a result of an organisational change programme or due to changes in personal lives, such as relocation or returning to work post maternity/paternity leave.

The impact of change often requires a re-evaluation of transferable skills, strengths, values and priorities for each individual impacted. Croft Coaching can support HR functions and Managers, through tailored programmes, so that an employee is supported in a safe, confidential space and empowered to consider possibilities and make conscious choices; to improve well-being and performance at work.

Croft Coaching also supports the accompanying spouses of transferred employees, to maximise their relocation, through an individual career transition programme or managing change programme. Experience to date has proved that if the spouses are fulfilled in the new country, there is less stress and guilt for the employee, faster integration for all and greater positivity; thereby reducing the risk of the family leaving assignments early.

Training Days/Workshops

  • Re-designing your career
  • Creating and maximising networking opportunities to create career and professional development opportunities
  • Developing Interview skills & techniques to present your ‘best self’
  • How to stay motivated, energised and optimistic about your job search over elapsed time
  • Facilitating Integration & cultural sensitivities into your Job Search in the Suisse-Romande region

For more information on the training and workshops which can be tailored to meet individual or groups’ requirements, contact us.

“Debbie Croft is a great coach, and I participated in her group. What an amazing way to self-discover in a group setting. She really helps you see clearly how you    can handle situations differently and in a more healthy, balanced way. She inspires people to improve. Words are not enough.”


“In January 2014 Debbie held a workshop entitled – HOW TO MAXIMISE THE YEAR AHEAD – as part of a series of activities proposed by IMD to help integrate the spouses of the MBA Participants. The aim of these activities is to create a bond amongst the newly arrived spouses and to help them build their own community.

Debbie with her characteristic no nonsense approach immediately installed an atmosphere of trust, allowing the participants to feel comfortable and thus explore and share their plans for the year ahead. With a mixture of practical motivational tools as well as long term positive thinking strategies, Debbie managed to install a sense of confidence in the group and towards what the difficult year ahead might bring. The feedback from the participants was extremely positive saying that Debbie was ‘quite inspiring’ and wishing they could have more of her.

I am very happy to have added her workshop as part of the MBA Partner Integration Program and am certain I will be proposing it again next year.”

Marcella Rispo, Integration Advisor, IMD Partner Integration Program

Mentor Coaches

Croft Coaching supports coaches in training, to develop their skills and range as a coach; providing new perspectives and ways of being with client relationships that may be a challenge. Coaches also explore potential niches and we will guide coaches in building their own coaching practice &/or incorporating coaching at work. Croft Coaching successfully mentors Coaches through the certification process when applicable.

Croft Coaching also offers Mentor Coaching for ACC Coaches, to satisfy the ICF requirement of 10 hours of Mentor Coaching to renew your ACC credential. This can take the form of individual coaching and/or group coaching.

“Deborah (Debbie) brought tremendous depth in my professional development quest. She accompanied me as coach and mentor and I was struck by her commitment and emotional competences. Her coaching style is very smooth and seems quite calm on the surface. Don’t be mistaken though; she’s stirs deep, provoking real game-changing behaviour. She was able to debunk some dark beliefs, releasing energy and confidence. Debbie definitely helped me to become more “me”, a better “me”!”


“Deborah’s mentoring and coaching style went beyond the sessions we had. I genuinely felt Deborah was focused on my best interest and my objectives and was there to cheer me along to the finish line. She encouraged me to think outside the box at times when I was very focused on a particular issue- and that I found very enriching and also reassured me of Deborah’s commitment as a mentor/coach to my full life.”