Effective Leadership For Individuals and Teams

Individual Executive & Leadership Coaching

Professionals work with Croft Coaching because they want to grow both personally and professionally; to develop their leadership skills, communication skills and effectiveness at work. As Clients quickly become more self-aware, they learn to leverage their strengths, bring the best out in others and maximise their potential; whilst overcoming behaviours and actions that negatively impact their performance and presence at work.

Croft Coaching combines coaching with mentoring, leveraging their exceptional organisational & project management expertise, to expedite improvements in the areas of: Management of Teams, Management of Change, Facilitation of effective meetings and Project Management.

Croft Coaching strongly believes that to be an effective leader, one needs to have a healthy balance of “work hard, play hard”; so that you are energised, truly present and focused in every moment, in and out of work. This larger perspective is held by Croft Coaching when working with Executive and Leaders, training individuals to build their resilience, to better manage stress and overcome feelings of overwhelm when juggling many balls

“Debbie Croft is a great coach. She is easy to talk to and easy going. At the same time she challenges me to learn, to grow, to explore, to improve.

Debbie helped me to clarify my personal career objectives, define my vision for the future, and take concrete actions towards my long-term goals. She also helped me to examine my managerial skills and suggested ways to strengthen them. She is a certified coach, able to use various assessment tools. She guides in translating theories into actions.”


Building Unified & High Performing Teams

Organisations work with Croft Coaching to identify what is working well and what needs to be improved within a team, so that it can become a stronger, more collaborative and driven group. Croft Coaching offers tailored programmes, mixing individual coaching and team building days; based on the team dynamics today and the desired ‘to-be’ state. The essential building blocks include:

  • greater self-awareness for every individual and their impact on the team
  • effective and inclusive communications
  • managing differences in a positive and constructive way
  • shifting and creating new, more supportive perspectives
  • multi-dimensional leadership in every individual to inspire greater personal responsibility

Whether a new team is being built or a current team is disconnected and under-performing, Croft Coaching will leverage our blend of excellent coaching and facilitation skills to evoke positive, effective and long-lasting improvements. To benefit from our support and expertise, contact us.

“My sincere appreciation and a big thank you for your support to become a High Performing Team. The team and I have very much appreciated the day with you, your guidance, feedback, coaching and overall your level of commitment and engagement. It has been highly appreciated.”

Nestle, Switzerland

Training & Workshops

Croft Coaching offers the following training to Organisations for Managers & Leaders:

  • Stepping into your authentic Leadership style
  • Coaching at work – powerful listening skills to empower individuals to find their own solutions
  • Coaching at work – proactive and productive Feedback to improve communications and personal development; for individuals and teams
  • Coaching at work – managing conflict & consensus building
  • Prioritisation & Time Management skills (including delegation skills)
  • Building Emotional Intelligence; to build collaboration and trust
  • Networking & Self-promotion for female talent
  • Creating an effective work life balance to minimise overwhelm & burn-out
  • Building your resilience to effectively manage stress