Female Talent

Imagine for a second, being able to attract and retain top female talent, the ones who will be part of the next generation of senior leaders and executives, who will help shape and lead innovation and drive profit in your market. With more consumer power in the hands of women, companies who fail to retain women and ensure that they have a pathway to leadership positions, undermine their long-term competitiveness.

Transition to parenthood is one of the most challenging transitions for a woman, amplified by a great deal of mental and physical unknowns, with associated fears; especially with the 1st child. Prior to an individual’s maternity break, there is a great deal of anxiety and stress involved in the planning & handing over of professional responsibilities.

Post a maternity break, we often witness a decrease in an individual’s self-confidence, often reflected in less empowered decision-making and assertiveness on returning to work. Women often feel that asking for help will be perceived as a weakness or inability to cope with the job. As a result they typically overcompensate for any flexibility they request, by delegating less and working late hours outside of word. This increases the likelihood of burn-out, which can lead to time off work and in some cases even resignation.

Our Coaching Programme is a powerful tool, to help female talent manage this period of change, so that they can reconcile these 2 worlds, being fully present, productive and enjoying both!

Group/Peer Coaching

Leading from Self
Building emotional resilience
Overcoming guilt
Importance of self-care
“Normalise” thoughts & feelings

Individual Coaching

Confidential sounding board
Build confidence & sense of identity
Challenge unconscious, limiting beliefs
Clarify Professional Aspirations
Build Personal Business Plan


Networking Skills to build stronger relationships Navigate the political landscape
Valuing Yourself
Time Management Skills
Negotiation & Influencing Skills

For the Individual, the Coaching is split into three phases of the Transition period:


Vision and plan for transition
Work conversations
Return to work plan
Managing smooth handover
Planning for baby’s arrival

During Maternity

Managing self (guilt/fears)
Building confidence
Managing childcare logistics
Planning, work conversations
Reconnecting with team

Return to Work

Return to work with energy & conviction
Re-entry dynamics
Managing separation
Self care
Career planning

“They always tell you that having a child changes your life but you could never be ready for what’s to come. Your whole life is thrown upside down. Your hearth inside out. And when you manage to come up for air again all your certainties are not there anymore; all your priorities have changed and you become a lost soul trying to fight your primal instinct every day to fit into some idea of normality.

I was there when I started meeting with Debbie. A woman that had relied on her own strength for a long time. A person that had always known what she wanted and what direction her life should take. But now a person who no longer felt confident to take any decision and spent her days looking for reason why not!

There were a lot of barriers to break down a lot of convictions to reconsider. Thanks to the coaching, I now not only know that I am strong, but I also know that I have limits and I can allow myself to reach out for help.”