Line Managers

Many managers lack trust and confidence in this transition process; with many questions and uncertainties regarding the transition back for the Professional. They do not want to say the “wrong” thing, so often say nothing at all; which can breakdown relationships with the employee. Team dynamics are typically affected for a period; at times resulting in conflict and misunderstandings.

Our Programmes equip Managers with practical tools & knowledge; for seamless transitions pre & post maternity.

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30 minute modules, to work through at own pace and access additional content
Flexible working
Managing absence
Coaching at Work
Adaptive Leadership


Fostering greater trust & inclusivity in your team
Becoming more Emotionally Intelligent
Embracing Change
Powerful Coaching Conversations


Role plays on key topics:

Transition to Parenthood
Absence at work
Stress & overwhelm at work
Demos of Powerful Coaching Conversations