Male Talent

Accompanying the transition to parenthood requires a change in assumptions, beliefs, behaviour and motivations on the part of both parents. Often, however, Fathers are overlooked during this period; despite their conflicting desires to spend more time with family, whilst upholding professional aspirations.

Through Coaching, a new Father is supported to deploy new strategies (actions & behaviours) to ensure they can achieve a healthy work/family balance, minimising feelings of overwhelm, guilt and the likelihood of burn-out which can lead to time off work and often resignation.

Group/Peer Coaching

Group workshops to provide guidance to positively manage the transition to fatherhood and its impact, personally and professionally.


Individual Coaching

Confidential sounding board
Leadership & Parenthood
Re-aligning values
Challenge unconscious, limiting beliefs
Personal Business Plan


Creating an effective work-life balance
How to stay energised and truly present and at your best self; both in and out of work
Career momentum and visibility at work
Overcoming guilt

“There was a lot of guilt in our home….I felt guilty at work when I had to leave the team so that I could be home in time to do bath and bed-time; guilty at home when I couldn’t leave a key meeting and I knew my wife really needed me at home; guilty that I had gained weight and could not allow myself the luxury of playing sports to stay fit …all draining and stressful.

Through the coaching, I was able to take a step back, see the big picture and re-assess what I needed to be more productive and proactive in all areas of my life. It gave me the awareness and conviction to make some changes; some only minor; but enough that I now feel I am back in control of my private and professional life!”